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Tyre puncture repairs with Perth City Tyrepower

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Dealing with punctured tyres is a stressful situation that can’t be avoided.

In the event of a punctured tyre, would you know what to do to fix or replace it? Or what you'd do with the damaged tyre if it's replaced?

The good news is that on many occasions, a punctured tyre can be fixed, which can be a less expensive option than getting a new tyre unexpectedly.

When can a punctured tyre be repaired?

Generally, a punctured tyre can be repaired depending on the following factors:

  • The size of the puncture
  • The location of the puncture on the tyre

If the puncture occurs between the tyre’s shoulders, which is the central part of the tread area and the puncture is 6 mm or less in diameter, it can typically be fixed.

When can’t a damaged tyre be repaired?

On some occasions, a punctured tyre cannot be fixed and you may need to replace it with a new one. A tyre puncture can’t be repaired when the following happens:

  • There is sidewall damage. This is due to the fact the sidewall is important to the performance and structure of the tyre. Tyre sidewalls flex a large amount during normal use, this movement tends to wiggle a patch or plug free, resulting in yet another air leak.
  • It occurs on a run-flat tyre. It’s very unlikely that the puncture can be fixed if your car is fitted with run-flat tyres. A lot of factors need to be considered to fix a run-flat tyre, including the severity of the tyre damage and the make and model of the tyre. Run flat tyres can never be repaired if they were driven on for a considerable amount of time whilst ‘flat’ as the sidewall will have sacrificed itself in order to get you and your vehicle to safety.

What does a tyre repair service involve?

Mechanic holding a tyre

It is critical that you use a professional technician to assess and repair your flat tyre. A proper tyre repair must involve removing the tyre from the rim to ensure a thorough inspection.

In the event that your tyre can be fixed, we will patch and fill the hole from the inside. When the patch reseals the inner liner, restoring air containment, the plug (inserted through the puncture hole) prevents moisture and other foreign objects from entering the tyre.

At our Tyrepower store, located in West Perth, we offer puncture repair services, which involve the following actions:

  • Locate where the puncture has happened
  • Inspect if there’s internal damage by removing the tyre from the rim
  • Should a repair be viable, a plug and patch are applied from the inside of the tyre, using specialised tools to ensure the patch is bonded permanently
  • Refit tyre to wheel, inflate, verify the success of the repair
  • Rebalance the tyre and wheel and fit back onto the vehicle.

A puncture repair, when performed correctly, will outlast the rest of the tyre.

What if my tyre can’t be fixed?

Damaged tyre

If the puncture is larger than 6mm or if it’s located in the tyre’s shoulders, then it can’t be repaired or reused. In these instances, you need to replace the tyre.

If you have a punctured tyre in Perth City and are able to use your spare tyre, we recommend coming to our Tyrepower store so we can assess the damage and advise whether a repair is possible.

Tyre Repair Services at Tyrepower Perth City

We are located at 35 Troode Street, West Perth. Feel free to come to our store if you need a tyre puncture repair service in Perth City or its surrounding areas. You can also call the store on (08) 9322 2214 or request a quote online.

We also sell and install a wide range of tyres that are appropriate for most makes and models from top-notch brands, including Pirelli, Kumho, Vitora, and Michelin. This means that if your damaged tyre cannot be repaired, we can assist you in finding a suitable replacement.

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